Are Drug Rehab Poachers the Result of the Opioid Epidemic?

KreedDrug Rehab Marketing

Drug rehab poachers, body brokers (or whatever you prefer to call them), have been in the headlines of news outlets in the United States a lot lately. When the insurance-pilfering “Florida Shuffle” scandals broke into the mainstream consciousness, many Americans …


What do Addicts Respond to in Treatment Messaging?

PJ HaarsmaDrug Rehab Marketing

In the behavioral health services industry, coming from a place of care, compassion and understanding is extremely important. Many psychologists believe the need to be understood is one of the most powerful drives we have as humans. Being understood may …


How Do I Manage Staff Turnover at My Treatment Facility?

KreedDrug Rehab Marketing, Senior Care

While staff turnover represents a costly issue for any industry, the ever-rising turnover rates at healthcare facilities throughout the country are among the highest in recent history. Hospitals, assisted living communities and alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers are all searching …


How Do I Find Qualified Staff for My Drug Rehab Center?

KreedDrug Rehab Marketing

If you work in the field of addiction treatment, you know how important your work is. You spend your professional time helping people rebuild their lives from the dangerous disease of addiction and substance abuse. If you act in a …


Why Can’t My Drug Rehab Advertise on Google?

Paul ChastainDrug Rehab Marketing

If you are reading this, I don’t need to tell you that surviving in the drug and alcohol addiction rehab market has been tough over the past few years. The government’s crackdown on shady rehab centers and their advertising have …