What are the Steps in Opening a Home Care Business?

Paul ChastainSenior Care

Despite this rapidly changing world, mostly due to the advancement of science and technology, there is one thing that has remained the same, the fact that everybody ages. At some point in our lives, almost everybody is going to need …


Should I Invest in Senior Care?

Drew LewisSenior Care

We all know the importance of having a retirement fund, especially once we reach the age in which it becomes more difficult to manage everyday activities due to the inevitable and completely unavoidable process of aging– sorry ladies, there is …

Some good ideas for a nursing home news letter

What are some good ideas for a nursing home newsletter?

KreedDrug Rehab Marketing, Senior Care

Healthcare staff are usually very busy. The same is especially true for a nursing home or assisted living home staff. Many senior care homes have a monthly newsletter, highlighting daily weekly or monthly activities. These can include stories about the …


How Do I Manage Staff Turnover at My Treatment Facility?

KreedDrug Rehab Marketing, Senior Care

While staff turnover represents a costly issue for any industry, the ever-rising turnover rates at healthcare facilities throughout the country are among the highest in recent history. Hospitals, assisted living communities and alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers are all searching …