Why Video Marketing Online is the Best for PPO Insurances

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Why Video Marketing Online is the Best for PPO Insurances

As a full service marketing and advertising agency for addiction treatment centers, we get asked all the time: “what is the best way to market my drug rehab online?”



Addiction treatment facilities must use search linguistics to understand how clients find them and then use this data to amplify the results.

When we get asked: “what is the best way to market my drug rehab online?” we always answer that question with the same response: The best marketing strategy for addiction treatment programs will cover many different angles, but a strong focus should be with online video marketing.

So many addiction treatment programs throw away a large portion of their advertising budget on marketing strategies that simply do not produce the intended results. It just doesn’t work and if you’re reading this, you’ve probably witnessed some advertising that didn’t hit the mark. In this article, we are going to show you why your addiction treatment center should be focusing more of your allocated ad spend in digital video marketing platforms.

Studies have shown that young adults (ages 18-29) watch the most of their content online. In fact, YouTube alone has 36% more reach than traditional TV for 18 to 49 year olds.

As we watch the population age, everything will eventually be online, including your primary marketing strategy and advertising focus. Everything we do in life is essentially marketing. If you’re reading this article, it is likely you are doing it as a part of your marketing efforts for your addiction treatment facility. What is the primary goal of any marketing or advertising campaign? Making the phone ring, which gets new clients coming in your door. Marketing is what helps you not only keep your doors open, but also serves to grow your business in this constantly evolving marketplace.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve looked under the hood of the website for a new client – a client who has been paying for SEO services to someone else for years – only to discover that they have simply been ripped off. Most of the people who reach out to you through email or LinkedIn claiming to get you on page one of Google search, are simply scamming you. Sorry. That’s the truth. They’ll get you to number one in a very specific search term (usually your own name) in a very specific area, and send you reports bragging about their success.

Before you even hire Valid Resource, we do a complete deep-dive analysis of how your website is talking to Google. How and why people are interacting with your website and your advertising, and then set you on a clear path to reach your goals. With or without us. And sometimes what we find is not always good. It’s scary at the amount of work that needs to be done in order to make your addiction treatment facility viable, but you must do it. Don’t worry. Once aboard, we will methodically construct the proper foundation needed for your site to communicate with those searching for you. We will optimize your content so it gets found by those searching for addiction treatment. And as we begin to collect data on your potential clients, we can then shape your content to become the information authority they are actively seeking.

YouTube Ads Work!
YouTube has 36% more reach, than traditional TV for 18 to 49 year olds.

Traffic is the same to digital marketing, as location is to real estate. More customers visiting your website will ultimately increase your bottom line.

Digital advertising is certainly nothing new. But online marketing has reached a new threshold recently, where it is surpassing traditional print, radio and television media. This has become true, especially within younger audiences. Having awareness of this trend is incredibly important for someone who is marketing an addiction treatment program, or drug rehab facility.

Online marketing is absolutely essential to target the demographic with the highest rate of substance abuse when compared to other age groups. According to the NIDA, (the National Institute on Drug Abuse), drug use is highest amongst people in their late teens and early twenties.

Couple this with the fact that young adults (age 18-25) are the largest group of people who abuse prescription painkillers, (including opioids), prescription stimulants, (such as Adderall or Ritalin) and anti-anxiety medications (like Xanax or Valium).

Young adults in the 18-26 age range are also the more likely to be covered by a PPO insurance plan. The Affordable Care Act mandates that coverage must continue by their parent’s insurance policy until the person is 26 years old. If you’re looking for popular, in-network plans and you want to market to young adults with these policies, online digital advertising is definitely the new way to go.

As a Valid Resource client, you receive:

– Install Google Analytics
– Install Google Search Console
– Creation of Robots.txt file
– On page Meta-Alt Tags
– Customer Behavior Reports
– Top Content Overview
– Youtube optimization
– Google MyBusiness listing
– On-Site Schema Tagging
– Funnel Optimizations
– Competitor Cloning & Targeting
– High-quality backlinks
– Dedicated Google Ad Team
– Integrated Ad Campaigns
– Competitor Marketing Analysis
– Google Page speed 80 min
– 24-7 Tech support
– Amazon merchant Management
– Weekly social media interactions
– Reputation Management
– Search Forensics
Search Engine Marketing

While providing information and addiction recovery resources, the best way to connect and engage with potential patients is with online video marketing.

Video is a great way to share a story with your target audience.

It is easier to convey emotional storytelling with sight and sound that connects a viewer’s emotions with your messaging. Compelling imagery, combined with powerful, emotional music in the background is crucial to driving your point across.

Take for example, a Valid Resource video ad we did for 10 Acre Ranch alcohol and drug treatment facility in Riverside, California. Compelling, unique imagery of families getting together, with positive, empowering music in the background tells a story of a young family member coming home from treatment. It is emotional, because it tells the story of uncertainty in the world of struggling with addiction. Anyone who knows that kind of pain can surely relate to this piece of video content and that is exactly what you want to do with any piece of advertising or marketing. This is true across the board, whether it be traditional radio, print or television media, or with an online digital media marketing campaign.

Our 10 Acre Ranch video ad connected with audiences so well that Valid Resource received an Emmy nomination for the short, 30 second spot.

This Emmy-nominated video was just one aspect of our comprehensive marketing plan that got 10 Acre Ranch an 822% increase in online traffic to their website, while increasing their call volume from 2 calls a day, to 30 calls per day. You can read their entire case study here.

Research shows that digital video marketing can increase brand awareness and consumer confidence in the brand name. Creating quality video content that relates to your target audience is crucial. As a drug rehabilitation center, you probably already know who your target audience is. Typically you are going after adults who are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Your marketing and video messages may also be targeted at the parents, spouses or other family members who have become impacted by the addiction. This concern for their loved one will compel them to seek out relevant information about how to help them recover from their addiction.

In all, 80% of Americans search for health care information online. That’s over 93 million people you could be reaching with targeted, measurable ads.


Informational videos offer your potential customers real value, while helping establish your business as a trusted online authority.

Is Video Marketing Right For You?
Creating video content that isn’t purely for advertisement purposes can be, well… Good advertising!

We’ve seen a lot of success with digging deeper into content that examines the different types of addiction, how different types of illicit drugs affect your body, what different types of treatment programs exist, etc. These videos are great opportunities to showcase your knowledge on the subject and actually help those who need help.

That’s why we do what we do. We want to see people turn their lives around and live healthy, productive lives. We sincerely hope that’s why you’ve entered the addiction treatment industry too. If you are out to operate an ethical, results-driven, evidence-based addiction treatment program we want to help you. Schedule a call with us today.

Is this you?
"I'm looking to rank #1 for Drug Rehab. Can you guys do that for me? You do SEO right?

First of all, if someone tells you they can do this -- run. Put your wallet back in your pocket and run like hell. Google doesn't work that way anymore. Just do the search yourself. First, ads are gonna pop-up, then all the .govs are going to pop up, then all the content aggregators will rank on the page, AND THEN Google will give you organic page searches. Google shows what they feel is best for their user now, not what keywords you want. The world has changed and you must as well. There is no bag of beans anymore. It takes strategy, consistent optimization, and a lot of hard work. Plus a little of this.